A connection is created ranging from two water pipes in the form of particular form of coupling

disagreement (kuhn FLIKT getting vi., KON flikt having n.) vi. is inconsistent; get in resistance; clash -letter. 1. a combat or challenge, particularly an extended you to definitely; war; dos. sharp argument or opposition; clash; step 3. emotional interference through a conflict out of impulses • Both Fran’s attitude conflict along with her notice, this lady cardio draw a proven way along with her head draw others. • The brand new Hundred Years’ War was an extremely lengthy argument. • Todd’s sweet enamel is in a dispute along with his need certainly to eating plan. • Mental argument can frequently originate from a want to do a few or higher things at the same time. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. strive, struggle]

confront (kon FRUHNT) vt. 1. to face otherwise see face-to-face; 2. to stand or oppose boldly otherwise defiantly; 3. offer deal with-to-face with • New boxers earliest experienced both more one or two Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches. • Several fencers face both which have staple weapons taken. • Eric discovered to face their anxiety about pussycats by getting their own kitten. [-ed, -ing, -ation letter., -ational adj.]

You can just sense one to Ted and you will Alice keeps a link

mistake (kuhn FYOOZ) vt. step 1. to mix right up; set up diseases; dos. to combine right up emotionally; perplex; bewilder; 3. in order to neglect to differentiate anywhere between; Brighton hookup dating sites err from inside the pinpointing • So you’re able to confuse Gino, Jim wandered backwards together with his palms lengthened in front of your. • Anna baffled genuine events having fictional of these. • Charlie baffled a beneficial Chevrolet that have an enthusiastic Oldsmobile. [-d, perplexing, confusion letter.] [Syn. puzzle]

Quick Remark #19 Satisfy the term out-of column 2 to the word regarding line 1 it means really nearly the same. step 1. show

congruous (KON groo uhs) adj. step one. congruent; 2. fitting; suitable; appropriate • Congruous rates are identical size and shape. • Whenever appearing publicly, a member of Congress is anticipated to show congruous conclusion in the every minutes. [-ly adv., -ness n.]

connection (kuhn NEK shuhn) letter. 1. a coupling, a joining or unifying; good unification dos. a way of signing up for; step 3. a love; 4. a corporate affiliate; 5. the means of changing in one teach, bus, an such like. en route in order to somewhere; 6. a circuit inside energy; a line of correspondence ranging from one or two affairs when you look at the telegraphy, telephony, etcetera. • • • •

Partnership from automobile motor so you can radiator is through rubberized line

Costs was looking for an enthusiastic Ipod, and he believe their contact with the applying shop worker you are going to help him to locate one at the an excellent speed. • Whenever Juanita travelled away from Nyc so you can Miami, she had to create a connection from the Atlanta. • Really electronic relationships are available by the staying a connect to the a wall surface outlet. consciousness* (KON shuhs nes) letter. step 1. the condition of being aware; awareness of a person’s own thoughts or an individual’s land; dos. the entirety of advice, thoughts, etcetera. • Having been away cooler, Ali gradually restored understanding. • Stream of consciousness entails saying or composing any dad into the lead on the purchase it does. • Awareness ways both an awareness of and you may a desires to interact into the globe around you. opinion (kuhn SEN suhs) n. 1. a viewpoint stored because of the most of the or most; 2. standard agreement out-of view • There clearly was an opinion certainly one of People in the us one democracy is an exceptional kind of regulators to help you autocracy. • There is an opinion among guys you to definitely male drivers is actually advanced so you’re able to lady motorists. • Amazingly, the contrary opinion is available among female and you can, astonishingly, are backed by statistical data. results (KON si KWENS) letter. step one. due to an action; outcome; effect; dos. a medical achievement; step three. the latest family members out of impact to cause; cuatro. characteristics • A result of to order another pen are good handwritten notice. • Obtaining correct time are due to staying a good new battery on the wristwatch. • The result of ingesting an abundance of dairy food because the a guy could well be solid teeth and skeleton due to the fact a grownup. • The fresh Emperor Maximillian’s presence inside the Mexico when you look at the American Civil Combat was from no impact about war’s result. [consequent adj., therefore adv.] [Syn. effect, importance]